Exclude Internal Traffic from google analytics

Are you actually getting 10000 hits a month or is that traffic coming from your own home or office?

The most frequent visitor to your website as you get started is you and or people from your own intranet (that pretty much means anybody on your wifi, or Ethernet network).

When your trying to build your content to improve your page rank in google, bing , and yahoo you will be revisiting your site to check keyword density, content alt tags the list goes on, when you are doing this you will be creating false visits to your website. This will give you bias data when analysing your new campaign!

If you are running a blog site,  cms site or an e commerce site that means you have to visit your site regularly to update the content. Every time you visit your site you are adding false hits to your analytics data.

Start by going to Filters in your Google Analytics and click Add Filters. Up pops the normal filter form.

Following the example below, placing your own IP address into the field, add it to what ever profile you want. Now all internal traffic is gone.

If you don’t know your i.p address click here.

This method is not a silver bullet , howver it will filter out those results you are generating from your usual access point to the internet.

Author: Purple Panda UK

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